Gravel #8

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by Warren Ellis, Mike Wolfer & Oscar Jimenez Combat Magician William Gravel is back in the second story arc of his ongoing series! This issue is a perfect place for new readers to jump in, and returning readers are going to be blown away by what's in store this season! Gravel, the explosive monthly series from Ellis and Wolfer, takes a whole new turn as Gravel faces adversaries far more formidable than ever before. Now that he's got the Sigsand in his possession, Gravel is exposed to extremes of magic he's never seen - but will he be able to do anything with it? Because that degree of power is getting him noticed by people he never wanted to meet. The Major Seven are magicians of unimaginable power, far beyond anything Gravel has ever faced - and now they want him dead! This issue is available with a regular cover by Mike Wolfer, a wraparound by series artist Oscar Jimenez and also a rare Black Magic Edition featuring a new cover by Wolfer.