Peter Parker #1

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Written by BOB GALE Penciled by PATRICK OLLIFFE Cover by RAFAEL ALBEQUERQUE Yes, even with the thrice monthly Amazing Spider-Man, we've still got more stories to tell in the life of Peter Parker as Bob Gale and Pat Olliffe's heralded Amazing Spider-Man Digital comics leap off the screen and into your pull list. With a public opinion dropping day by day, Mayor Jameson tries to boost his image, sending the aptly named Anti-Spider-Squad on 24 Hour duty and scheduling appearances with major celebrities. But will his plans be derailed by the color-bending SPECTRUM? And also...Who are the SPIDER-GIRLS? And how will they turn Peter Parker's life upside down? The webs are only part of the story as we delve into the life of PETER PARKER! 48 PGS./Rated A Includes a Fred Hembeck "Li'l Petey" short story.