Rob Liefeld Presents: Vogue, #2 of 3 (Comic Book)

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Vogue 2 of 3,Vogue has been many things in her young life: estranged Soviet citizen, glamorous fashion model, savvy businesswoman, even a member of the super-powered Youngblood team. Her agility and speed, her deadly skill with a blade, and a force of will to match already make her fearsome. Now, with her body recently transformed so her skin is like tempered steel, she has become almost unstoppable. Reunited with her brother, the powerful Warfare, after nearly twenty years, Vogue is caught in the middle of a new Russian revolution. A madman called Alexander Stroika is out to rule the tattered nation and eventually the world. By creating his own army of super-powered warriors, and controlling a ten-kiloton nuclear warhead, he has the power to succeed. He has covered every angle, and accounted for every contingency. Except for Vogue...