Star Wars: Empire #33

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Written by Scott Allie. Illustrated by Joe Corroney. For the velociraptor-like inhabitants of Tiss'sharrl, assassination is a common method of corporate or political advancement-as the planet's president can attest. But the Tiss'shar are about to get a surprising lesson in the use of force from one who has made the ruthless application of fear and violence a way of life: Darth Vader has dropped in for an unexpected visit. Vader's arrival could not have come at a worse time for the President, who is fending off attempts on his life-and business offers from a dangerous quarter. But even the President's cool reptilian intellect can't guess at the real reasons for Vader's visit, or the depths at which the Dark Lord's machinations run- Writer Scott Allie (Star Wars: Betrayal) and Star Wars-fan-favorite artist Joe Corroney team up for "The Price of Power."