The Darkness: High Noon, Part 1, February 2000, Volume 1, Issue 29 [Comic]

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Airplane high jinks ensue as the "High Noon" story line takes off! Jackie may be flying first class, but no one filled the Darklings in on proper airplane etiquette. To make matters worse, all hell breaks loose when Jackie reaches the baggage claim! Unknown gunmen in trench coats are cutting loose! Innocent luggage is lost in the fray! And the gunmen have abducted Carter, the stewardesses' young son, but why?!? The Darkness Top Cow Image New Comic Book February 2000 Issue #29 . This issue is a must read for any fan, and will make a great addition to any collection. At these heavily discounted prices, supplies will go fast. Please order quickly. Reading is good for the mind and soul.