The Darkness: Resurrection, Under the Cover of Darkness July 2003 Issue 4 (Volume 2) [Comic]

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After time away from the Mob, Jackie Estacado comes full circle on the wheel of life, right back to where he started. But a traitor who turned State's evidence cannot simply waltz back into favor with the family he has betrayed. Jackie faces a violent uphill battle to reclaim his status and wrestle power away from his Cousin Paulie. But even though Jackie wields the awesome power of the Darkness, his very mortal adversary may give him a lot more trouble than he bargained for. The Darkness Top Cow Image New Comic Book July 2003 Issue #4 . This issue is a must read for any fan, and will make a great addition to any collection. At these heavily discounted prices, supplies will go fast. Please order quickly. Reading is good for the mind and soul.