The Mummy: The Rise And Fall Of Xango's Ax #3

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Joshua Jabcuga (w); Stephen Mooney (a & c) Join father-son team Rick and Alex O'Connell in the continuation of their pre-Mummy 3 tale! Having regained possession of the Third Eye of Shangri-La (and its rejuvenating forces), the merciless Xango is headed back to the tomb where his mythical double-headed ax (and untold power) awaits him. Will Rick & Alex O'Connell be able to save the fate of humanity from the evil clutches of the vengeful mummified god of thunder? Time is a'wastin' and the race is on in this third action-packed episode in advance of the movie sequel starring Brandon Frasier and Jet Li! Brought to you by the treasure-hunting team of writer Joshua Jabcuga (Scarface: Devil in Disguise) and Stephen Mooney (Angel: After the Fall's 'First Night').