Theater #1 C Cvr Rodin (MR)

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(W) Raven Gregory (A) Martin Montiel, Michael Garcia (C) Artgerm [a], Tyler Kirkham [b], Rodin [c] In a quiet New Jersey town there sits a small, old-fashioned movie theater. But this unassuming theater holds a deep dark secret, one that threatens the lives of anyone who dares enter it. An when an unsuspecting couple decides to visit the old movie house to watch some horror films, they soon will find that something full of horror is also watching them. From the writer of the Wonderland trilogy and The Waking comes a whole new world of fear unlike any that has been seen before! Featuring 29 pages of content and covers by superstar artists Artgerm and Tyler Kirkham. Don't miss the brand new horror series unlike any you have read before.