Thor Astonishing #1 (Of 5)

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(W) Robert Rodi (A) Mike Choi (CA) Esad Ribic. Written by ROB RODI Penciled by MIKE CHOI Cover by ESAD RIBIC Foilogram Variant by TBD "Waves are but water* wind but air. And though lightning be fire... IT MUST ANSWER THUNDER'S CALL." The God of Thunder finds himself battling a mysterious surge of natural catastrophes hurricanes* tidal waves* earthquakes. At first* the Son of Odin suspects Zephyr* immortal mistress of the winds* but soon he finds that the climactic upheaval must be attributed to a much larger force... EGO* THE LIVING PLANET! From ROBERT RODI and MIKE CHOI! Spinning out of the destruction of Asgard* ASTONISHING THOR is an out-of-this-world adventure where the entire universe hangs in the balance! 32 PGS./Rated T+